Heritage Tradesmen Directory


The City of Vincent has prepared a Heritage Tradesmen Directory which aims to assist property owners in locating local experienced tradesmen for heritage conservation works. If you are interested in being included on the Directory, please visit www.vincent.wa.gov.au/HeritageTradesmen For further details, please contact the Heritage Officer Hoping Au at (08) 9273 6069 or email heritage@vincent.wa.gov.au Please note: the City does not endorse and/or recommend any of the consultants in this directory. The directory will be compiled by expressions of interest. It will provide a list of consultants who have experience in heritage conservation in the local area. The Directory will be updated periodically.

Heritage Restoration and Renovation

Duratec Australia photograph: 1

Renovators Delight Amerex Renovations and Additions photographs: 1 and 2



Remill photographs: 1 and 2

Brendon Dhu Carpentry

Castlegate photographs: photo and photo 2  

Building Company

Campell-Howard Building Company photographs: 1 and 2

Hyland Management & Contractors Pty Ltd

Brackson Construction


Colonial Tuckpointing

Wrought Iron

Jalmer Wrought Iron photographs: 1 and 2

Stained Glass

Tradition Stained Glass Pty Ltd photographs: 1 and 2


Carter Roofing photographs: 1 and 2


Murphy Painting & Decorating