On this page you will find a number of resources that you can consult and use in your efforts to conserve your important heritage resource.

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Town Planning Scheme and Heritage Policies

Heritage provisions are included in the Town Planning Scheme to promote and safeguard the cultural heritage of the City by -

  • identifying, conserving and enhancing those places which are of significance to Vincent’s cultural heritage;
  • encouraging development that is in harmony with the cultural heritage value of the area; and
  • promoting public awareness of cultural heritage generally.

Current policies relating to heritage conservation can be found in the policy manual for planning and building.

Heritage Management – Development Guidelines Policy No. 7.6.1 – Download PDF

Heritage Management – Assessment Policy No. 7.6.2 – Download PDF

Heritage Management – Interpretive Signage Policy No. 7.6.4 – Download PDF

Heritage Management – Amendments to the Municipal Heritage Inventory (MHI) Policy No. 7.6.5 – Download PDF

Heritage Management – Municipal Heritage Inventory (MHI) Incentives and Development Bonuses Policy No.7.6.7 – Download PDF

Heritage Management – Heritage Assistance Fund Policy 7.6.9 – Download PDF

Associated Documents

Heritage Management – The Heritage List (Municipal Heritage Inventory) Policy No. 7.6.6 – Download PDF Heritage Management – Municipal Heritage Inventory (MHI) Incentives and Development Bonuses Policy 7.6.7 – Download PDF Heritage Management – Dealing with Enquiries Regarding the Heritage Status of Properties Policy No.7.6.8 Download PDF

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City of Vincent information Brochures


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Reference Books

Looking After Heritage Places: The Basics of Heritage Planning for Managers, Landowners and Administrators, Pearson and Sullivan, Melbourne University Press (1995) A Pictorial Guide to Identifying Australian Architecture: Styles and Terms from 1788 to the Present, Apperly, Irving and Reynolds, Angus & Robertson (1989) Australian Houses of the Forties and Fifties and Australian Houses of the Twenties and Thirties, Cuffley, The Five Mile Press (1993) How to Restore the Old Aussie House, Stapleton, The Flannel Flower Press (1983) Caring for Old Houses, Evans, The Flannel Flower Press (1988) Australian House Styles, Stapleton and Stapleton, The Flannel Flower Press (1997) *Remember: many texts are written in the Eastern States. Western Australian architecture and building styles can date differently from the Eastern States and, in some cases can be as much as two decades after the style first appeared in Melbourne or Sydney. This is one reason why West Australia’s built heritage is so valuable and interesting.

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Guidance Notes

The Heritage Council of Western Australia produces and stocks many brochures and guides to help people understand their heritage places and to undertake maintenance and renovation works that will respect the age of the building. Some of the brochures and guides are free and others are available for purchase. Brochures that are available free of charge from the Heritage Council at 108 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth or that can be downloaded from their website at include:

  • Caring for Your Community’s Heritage
  • Insurance of Heritage Properties
  • Valuing Our Heritage

Brochures and guides that are available for purchase from the Heritage Council include:

  • Cleaning Stone Masonry
  • Maintaining an Old House
  • Masonry Renovation
  • Rising Damp and its Treatment
  • WA’s Building Heritage: Useful References
  • Removal of Paint from Masonry

For a full list of publications produced and stocked by the Heritage Council, visit their publication website at or call into the Heritage Council offices at 108 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth.

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The web is a tremendous resource for locating information on heritage places and how to care for and manage them. A simple web search using the terms cultural heritage or built heritage can produce thousands of results. Some of the best and most applicable websites to consult are:

  • Australian Heritage Directory – This is a comprehensive website covering all things heritage. It is a gateway to all government and non-government heritage sites throughout Australia and includes links to funding sites and professional directories amongst many others.
  • Australia ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) – Australia ICOMOS is responsible for the ‘Burra Charter’, the document which underpins the principles of heritage conservation and management in Australia. The ICOMOS site contains articles and papers relating to heritage conservation in Australia and provides links to Australian and International heritage websites.
  • Heritage Council of Western Australia – The Heritage Council’s website is Western Australia’s most comprehensive heritage website. It contains case studies on the development of heritage places within the state, information on insuring heritage places in Western Australia, details on funding programs operating within the state and a list of publications relating to heritage conservation and management. It also has a complete list of places that are of significant cultural heritage value to the state.
  • World of Old Houses – This website contains extensive information on how to care for and renovate heritage houses. It also has links to some tradespeople who have specialist skills in the industry.
  • Landgate – Landgate is Western Australia’s primary source of land information and geographic data. As a Statutory Authority, Landgate maintains the State’s official register of land ownership and survey information and is responsible for valuing the State’s land and property for government interest.

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Directory of Heritage-related Consultants and Professionals

The Heritage Council of Western Australia has compiled a list of professionals who are involved with heritage assessment, architecture, planning and trades in Western Australia. This list can be accessed via the Heritage Council website here. (PDF Document) The list is currently in review and an updated list should be available soon. Because the current list is a number of years old it is advised that you check the White Pages for current phone number and address details.

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Useful Documents

Conservation Plans & Heritage Assessments

Conservation Plans and Heritage Assessments are essential documents for identifying and managing heritage places.

Conservation Plans

A Conservation Plan is a comprehensive document that contains:

  • A detailed history of the place,
  • A discussion of how the place fits into the history of the City of Vincent,
  • An analysis of the physical evidence of the place,
  • A discussion of changes that have been made to the place over time,
  • An analysis of similar or comparative places,
  • A ‘Statement of Significance’ which identifies why the place is important,
  • A description and diagram indicating which parts of the place have considerable significance, which parts have some significance, and which parts have little or no significance, and
  • A ‘Conservation Policy’ that details how to manage the place into the future, what works can be permitted that don’t negatively impact on the place and what future uses the place can be put to.

The Heritage Council of Western Australia has developed a Conservation Plan Study Brief. This Brief outlines the accepted professional standards of a Conservation Plan. The Heritage Council’s Conservation Plan Study Brief can be viewed at:

City of Vincent Conservation Plans

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Heritage Assessments

Heritage Assessments have the exact same format as Conservation Plans except they do not contain a ‘Conservation Policy’. The role of the Heritage Assessment is to identify why a place is important and what parts of the place have the most significance. Like the Conservation Plan, the Heritage Assessment contains:

  • A detailed history of the place,
  • A discussion of how the place fits into the history of the City of Vincent,
  • An analysis of the physical evidence of the place,
  • A discussion of changes that have been made to the place over time,
  • An analysis of similar or comparative places, and
  • A ‘Statement of Significance’ which identifies why the place is important.

The City of Vincent has developed a Heritage Assessment Pro-forma. This Pro-forma outlines the accepted professional standards of a Heritage Assessment and is the desired format for presentation to the City of Vincent. The Heritage Assessment Pro-forma can be viewed here.

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Burra Charter

The aim of heritage conservation is to ensure that the cultural significance of heritage places is retained for future generations to enjoy, but how do we achieve this? In 1979 Australia adopted a charter outlining the general principles and philosophy behind heritage conservation – The Burra Charter. This now forms the backbone to the management of historic places across Australia and indeed many other countries worldwide. The principles in the Burra Charter have been adopted by the City and are used to formulate the policies relating to the conservation of our heritage places within Vincent.

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Chronology of Subdivision within the City

Subdivision patterns within the City of Vincent developed incrementally dating from the 1880′s in the areas of Perth, Northbridge, Highgate, Leederville and North Perth, extending north to Mount Hawthorn and Mount Lawley during the 1920′s – 1950′s. Within the City of Vincent subdivisions were generally small in scale and quite consistent in lot sizes, frontages, depths and vehicle access. The ‘patterning’ of the subdivision was usually designed to accommodate the pattern book housing of the Federation and Inter-War periods. Patterns of subdivision assist in our understanding of development patterns within a given area. To view these subdivision patterns within the City of Vincent a series of maps have been compiled by Precinct group and are listed below. Hard copies of the maps can be obtained from the City of Vincent Local Studies Collection.

Local Studies and History Collection

The Collection is located in the Vincent Library at 99 Loftus Street, Leederville. Our aim is to ensure that the history, development and culture of the City of Vincent is documented and preserved and to provide access to that information. This is a reference only collection, ensuring that the information is in the library and available to researchers at all times. Information may be photocopied. The collection includes:

  • Books, reports and unpublished documents
  • Local newspapers, press cuttings and journals
  • Oral history interviews and transcripts
  • Photographs
  • Street files
  • Maps
  • Ephemera: leaflets, brochures, menus, programmes, calendars, etc.
  • Archives of organisations, original and rare items.

City of Vincent Suburb History Brochures

2015 New Version:

East Perth



Mount Hawthorn

Mount Lawley

North Perth


West Perth


Previous version:

Access the library catalogue at Library Online Can you help? The success of creating this collection depends very much on contributions from past and current residents, businesses, groups and organisations. Any donations of photographs, yearbooks, programmes, diaries, letters or memorabillia would be greatly appreciated. If you do not wish to part with items we would be happy for the opportunity to copy them and return your originals. Each year the Local History Awards are run to encourage the collection and entry of historical information relating to the City.

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